Annual Boiler Service

An annual boiler service is imperative for keeping your boiler operating smoothly. Your boiler gives you comfort and warmth, especially in the chilly winter months. With our fast track boiler service, you can rest assured your boiler is health checked and ready for the winter. All our engineers are friendly and qualified Gas Safe registered.


T&C's Apply - Boiler Service / CP12

Provided you have paid your contract fees, we will guarantee that our engineers will conduct one annual service, safety and operational check (this will be a Gas Safe recommended)

If your boiler requires remedial work any subsequent boiler examination for the purposes of a CP12 certificate following completion of said work will be subject to a further fee of at least £60. Appointments will usually take place between the hours of 9am and 6pm Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays, and will be subject to our engineers’ availability. During your service, if the engineer finds your boiler has faults which cannot be repaired under your service agreement, they will provide you with an advisory note detailing any remedial work that should be undertaken. Remedial work following a service is not covered under your service agreement. Please note if you instruct us to arrange for any remedial repair work you will be fully responsible for any costs in terms of both labour and parts. We will not indemnify or guarantee any remedial work arranged between the customer and engineer direct.

gas boiler cover

Why Service your Boiler?

Validate your Warranty
Validate your Home Emergency Contract
Make your home safe from dangerous emissions
Protect your loved ones
Less likelihood of a breakdown
Reduce your gas bill
No contracts & hidden charges
Hassle Free Heating & Hot Water

Inhibitor Benefits

Adding inhibitor fluid to your heating system hugely reduces the corrosion that can take place in your pipework.
It also helps to prevent the build-up of radiator sludge, which can massively impact the performance of a heating system.
Helps prevent internal corrosion and the build-up of sludge and lime scale.
A central heating inihibitor can help to prolong the life of your central heating system.

Magna Filter Benefits

We always recommend that our customers have a Magnetic filter.
A Magnetic filter quickly captures and actively traps iron oxide deposits as they pass through the heating system, helping to keep your heating system free flowing, your radiators warm and your boiler working as its peak efficiency.
Having a Magna filter fitted on your central heating system means your home will benefit in the following ways:
No debris build up means more efficient radiators
More efficient hot water from every tap
Correct water pressure so your boiler will be working at optimum level
Increasing the longevity of your boiler, heat exchanger and pump
Better efficiency means lower bills
Reduced risk of central heating breakdowns

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